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Bedenkingen #9: Oorsprong

Date: Time: 20:00 Location: Hall of Fame, Burgemeester Brokxlaan 6, 5041 SB Tilburg

In collaboration with Kunstmaan, Hall of Fame and Sapientia Ludenda, Tilburg University's Department of Philosophy is organizing 'Bedenkingen'. On Tuesday, April 9, part 9 of our philosophical variety nights will take place, where a philosophical lecture for a broad audience is framed by a wide range of artistic acts.

In the 9th edition of 'Reflections,' we return to our origins with an original philosophical discourse by Ruud Welten. Joost Ariens showcases the sources of musical inspiration, while Hoox improvises from the inexhaustible source of all misunderstandings, aptly named 'Language.' Mc Gyver raps on the roots of the audience, Sampelman Salimans revisits his beloved Tunguska, and in the 'New Sounds' section, we unleash unborn talent. Please note: this event is in Dutch. 

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Program Bedenkingen 9 April 2024