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Test materials available from the library
Tests and questionnaires

Descriptions and reviews

Information on tests such as descriptions, reviews and user instructions as well as names and contact details of the developers can be found in:

  • The COTAN database: overview of all tests in Dutch with a review by COTAN.
  • Library databases (see tests and questionnaires above) and on the public web: search with the name of the test, combined with terms such as 'review', 'evaluation', 'validity' or 'reliability'.


Our library collection contains (e-)books on how to make questionnaires. Examples include:

  • Asking questions: The definitive guide to questionnaire design, for market research, political polls, and social and health questionnaires (SOC C20 45295)
  • Questionnaire design (SOC C20 45917/01)
  • De vragenlijst (SOC C20 41190)
  • Enquêteren; het opstellen en gebruiken van vragenlijsten (SOC C20 45192a)
  • Encyclopedia of psychological assessment (e-book, 2003)

On the web, use terms like 'questionnaire', 'questionnaire development', 'questionnaire design' and 'assessment instruments'.

Tests and questionnaires for personal use

Tests on how to prepare for a job interview can also be found online and in the library.


  • Het psychologisch onderzoek: een oefenboek (BIC A6 STU 2011)
  • Test jezelf (SOC B90 44394)
  • Alles over managementtests (SOC H28 45535)