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  • 21 Dec 201719:00

    Theater festival De Koffer
    During their 3-day Festival, student theater De Koffer will treat you to a number short plays. (language: Dutch) Read more

  • 10 Jan 201820:00

    Doughnut Economics - Meet Up with Kate Raworth *
    One of world’s leading economic thinkers of this moment, Oxford academic Kate Raworth, presents her cutting-edge economic model that is fit for the 21st century. Not permanent growth but social and ecological sustainability as leading principles for economic thinking. A panel including economists Lans Bovenberg and Aart de Zeeuw will react on her findings. Is the Doughnut Economy a realistic alternative? (language: English) Read more

  • 16 Jan 201820:00

    Science Café - Dementia: prospects of a cure? *
    In the Netherlands, some 260,000 people are suffering from dementia. As a result of the graying of the population and increased life expectancy the number will only increase. Some 70 percent of dementia patients have Alzheimer’s, an incurable disease, but perhaps not much longer. (language: Dutch) Read more

  • 25 Jan 201817:00

    Campus Poet Election & Poetry Party
    Are you the new Campus Poet? On the 25th of January it is Dutch National Poetry Day. The perfect occasion to elect the new Campus Poet 2018 at Tilburg University. Are you a student or staff member and do you want to comment on life on campus with your poetry for a whole year? Then sign up for the Campus Poet Election 2018! Read more

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Academic Forum

Academic Forum organizes symposia, debates and small-scale exchanges focusing on scientific, social and ideological issues. The themes of these gatherings are related to four domains: 'Ethics of science', 'Reflection on life', 'Science & society' and 'Cultural diversity'. Exchanging knowledge, sharing perspectives, questioning and challenging each other, lead us to better and new knowledge. As a university with Understanding Society as its motto, the debate with staff, students and society is essential.

Furthermore, Academic Forum acts as a sparring partner and advisor, in particular where it concerns issues at the interface of values and science. Not only are we active on campus, we also promote the academic climate in the city and exploit knowledge and expertise in the region.