Night University

Night University

Date: Time: 18:00 Location: Campus Tilburg University

Night University is Tilburg University’s ultimate campus- and science festival. We open our doors to everyone, from young to old, free for everyone! Theme: Let's Play!

On April 5th, the program for Night University 2023 will be announced!

Let's Play!

We play from birth, by instinct, and everywhere. Making snow angels, dashing back and forth on a sports court, or engaging in a deeply serious political game – people play all the time and are inspired by playing. We play because it gives us pleasure, to beat others, or to get something done.

But we also play to learn or to deal with change. Playing hones our skills and teaches us to think strategically, tactically, and creatively. Successful scientists, entrepreneurs, athletes, writers, artists, and many others tap into their imagination and experiment away. Rethinking, trying out, and improvising are much needed to help our world move forward. But above all playing fuels fun and zest for life, so let’s hand over to Homo Ludens: Let’s Play!

Night University 2023

Night University: flashback 2022

The last edition of Night University took place on Thursday 19 May, 2022. The theme was Human Nature. To get an impression of the event, take a look at our aftermovie.

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