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Goed Zoet Received €5000 at the GEW Dragons' Den!

Published: 22nd November 2022 Last updated: 22nd November 2022

On Friday November 18 the winners from the Tilburg University Challenge, Goed Zoet, got to pitch their idea again. This time for the Dragons of the Dragons' Den, which was part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022.

On Friday, November 18, we closed the Global Entrepreneurship Week with the first Brabant 'Dragons Den'. Seven startups, one from each knowledge institution (TU/e, Tilburg University, JADS, Avans, Fontys, BUAS and HAS) were on stage to pitch their idea in front of the dragons in the JADS chapel in Den Bosch. From Tilburg University the winners of the Tilburg University Challenge 2021, Goed Zoet, joined the Dragons' Den to pitch their idea. 


Goed Zoet

So, what is Goed Zoet about? Goed Zoet will build a factory in Brabant where side streams (left over after juice is extracted from fruits) are used to produce the natural sweetener 'erythritol'. Due to its physical properties, erythritol is often preferred over other (non-natural) sweeteners. It has a similar sweetness and texture as sugar, but without the calories. Currently, most erythritol is made from corn, produced in Asia. By bringing the production to the Netherlands, and redesigning the process in such a way that it uses leftover streams as feedstock, we can make the process more sustainable.

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To realize Goed Zoet, funding is necessary to achieve their goals. That's why Anouk van Anrooij did a two minute pitch about  Goed Zoet in front of the Dragons, then Daniel Gelsing joined the stage to answer the remaining questions of the Dragons. The Dragons were very interested in the idea of Goed Zoet and their vision. 

Because of this, Anouk and Daniel received a 5000 euros funding for Goed Zoet, provided by Round One.