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Enhancing Diamond Open Access in the Netherlands

Published: 18th March 2024 Last updated: 18th March 2024

By Beatriz Ferreira

Diamond Open Access (DOA) is a scholarly communication model that ensures immediate access to scholarly works without embargoes while preserving author copyrights and not charging either authors or readers. In this sense, it is a model that is community-driven and often associated with academic-led and not-for-profit publishing initiatives, like university presses and scholar-led publishing houses.

The Dutch commitment to DOA resulted in the launch of the "Enhancing Diamond Open Access in the Netherlands" project on Feb. 1 to encourage DOA and strengthen nonprofit scholarly and library-driven publishing. This project, a collaboration between UKB and UNL and led by Erasmus University Rotterdam, aims to create the conditions to strengthen DOA through an integrated and collective approach. Read more about this at: https://www.openaccess.nl/en/events/project-diamond-open-access-in-the-netherlands.

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