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RepRisk Data Feed

Published: 23rd January 2024 Last updated: 23rd January 2024

By Nico Tilburgs

In 2024, researchers and students of Tilburg University have access to company data of the RepRisk Data Feed package

              Environmental, social, governance (ESG) issues, a.o. environmental degradation, child labor, corruption, and more can lead to reputational, compliance, and financial risks. The RepRisk Data Feed package consists of risk metrics and underlying scores to assess risk exposure and business conduct of approximately 220.000 public and private, listed and non-listed companies. The package currently covers the period January 2007 - December 2022. 

The database can be accessed via a user account on the WRDS platform: WRDS Site (wrdsdata.com). For questions or more information regarding the use of this database, please do not hesitate to contact lis-financialdatasupport@tilburguniversity.edu. Please take into consideration that the license for this data will expire in December 2024.