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Survey cOAlition S now live

Published: 21st March 2024 Last updated: 21st March 2024

By Beatriz Ferreira

Recently, cOAlition S issued a press release introducing their bold vision for the future of scholarly publishing. The proposal advocates for a paradigm shift—placing ownership in the hands of the academy.

This shift aims to foster a more open, scholar-led communication ecosystem, tailored to the demands of the 21st century. The proposal, titled "Towards Responsible Publishing," is available in Zenodo. Additionally, this proposal envisages a community-based publishing system that will empower scholars to openly share their research and engage with innovative quality control and evaluation standards, thus promoting rapid and transparent dissemination of rigorous scientific knowledge.

In this sense, cOAlition S, in collaboration with the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS, Leiden University), and Research Consulting, are conducting a feedback survey on the “Towards Responsible Publishing” proposal. The thoughts of researchers matter significantly, so all researchers are welcome to contribute to the survey.


The survey can be accessed here and is open until 22 April, 2024.

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and helping shape the future of our academic landscape.