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Copyright enforcement policy university library

Because the copyrights of certain (scientific) publications and databases on this site are not owned by the Tilburg University, the university has signed licenses for the use of these materials with publishers.


Access to these databases is restricted to staff members and students from Tilburg University. Most databases also allow access by visitors.


The user is obliged to observe the following rules:

  • Use of the databases is restricted to purposes of research and education only.
  • Printing and downloading articles is only permitted for personal use.
  • It is not permitted to (systematically) print or download multiple extracts of the licensed material. User statistics show evidence of such violations.

    Violations will be reported to the Library and IT Services management. The user will be confronted with his or her unauthorized behaviour. Library and IT Services will notify the faculty board. The violator of the license conditions faces possible legal or financial consequences.

The use of electronic databases is part of the standard copyright regulations.