University Library

Regulations University Library

A. Access Policy

The university library is freely accessible with the exception of the so called Tilburg-University-Only-periods. During the exam periods, the library will only be accessible for students and staff of Tilburg University and also holders of a library card.
During these periods only clients of the Brabant-Collectie can obtain a library card.
Day cards will not be issued.

  • All visitors to the library are required to scan a card at the library entrance, on entering as well as on leaving the building.
  • Tilburg University students and staff can enter the library by scanning their Tilburg University card.
  • Visitors with an external library membership card enter the library by scanning their library card.
  • Visitors who do not have a Tilburg University Card or an external library membership card, can enter the library with a Day card.
  • The Day card is available at the Library Support desk.
  • A valid form of ID is compulsory in order for a Day card to be issued.
  • Day cards are issued until 22:30 hrs.
  • It is then valid until closing time on the day of issue (23:55 hrs).
  • The Day card is strictly personal and must not be shared with another.
  • Visitors who lose their Day card are requested to notify the Library Support Desk.
  • Books, periodicals, and other library materials can be freely browsed, with the exception of books from the closed stacks (CBM). CBM books are given out only on presentation of a valid Tilburg University Card, of a Library Card (external membership card).
B. Lending and Tilburg University Card
  • The university library's lending policy provides that users can only borrow information carriers if they have a valid Tilburg University Card, with due observance of the lending policy.
  • A Tilburg University Card may be used on the basis of regulations formulated by Tilburg University.
  • Registered users of the Brabant Collection who wish to borrow materials from the Brabant Collection can obtain a Tilburg University Card from the Library Support Desk on presentation of a valid proof of identity and a deposit of € 15. The Tilburg University card is valid for one year and can be renewed according to rules set by the university library. On return of the (undamaged) chip card, the deposit will be refunded.
  • Students and staff of other Dutch universities, who can show that they work or are enrolled there, can obtain a Tilburg University Card from the Library Support Desk of the university library for a deposit of € 15, and on presentation of a valid ID. The Tilburg University Card remains valid for one full year and can be renewed following library regulations. On return of the (undamaged) Tilburg University Card, the deposit will be refunded.
  • All other users can obtain a Tilburg University Card from the Library Support Desk on presentation of a valid ID and payment of a deposit of € 15 and a membership fee of € 15. This Tilburg University Card remains valid for one full year and can be renewed via a membership fee of € 15 per year. The deposit of € 15 will be refunded on return of the (undamaged) Tilburg University Card.
  • A lost or stolen Tilburg University Card must be reported to the Library Support Desk (telephone: 0031 13 466 2124) or to Security (telephone 0031 13 466 3000) as soon as possible. The Tilburg University Card will then be 'blocked' via the central computer to prevent it from being used by unauthorized persons. A new Tilburg University Card can be bought on payment of the deposit. A stolen card will be reported to the police if there is a reasonable suspicion of theft.
C. Lending policy and use of collections


  • In principle, all university library materials are loanable, with some exceptions, for example, valuable works, reference works, works with a presentation function as regards content, audio-visual materials, etc. Material on shelves with a red dot on the spine is not loanable.

Lending period

  • The lending period is four weeks. The lending period for books with a yellow dot on the spine is two weeks. Books with a red dot on the spine are not lendable. For bound journal volumes, daily lending applies. This means that the bound journal volumes in the Depot can be requested for consultation in the library and must be returned afterwards. A different lending period applies to books borrowed via interlibrary loan.
  • The overdue and fines regulations are as follows.
  • Exceptions with regard to individual users can only be made with written permission of the director of Library and IT Services.

Extending the lending period

  • The lending period may be extended unless an item has been reserved by another borrower. The lending period is extended for a period equal to the lending period. The lending period of bound journal volumes cannot be extended.
  • At least once a year, long loan items have to be shown to the university library staff. The user will receive a request to do so.

Maximum number

  • The maximum number of items to be borrowed by a person at one time is 30.
  • In principle, users borrow, extend, and reserve items themselves, using the automated lending system. If help of university library staff is needed, visitors are required to present their Tilburg University Card each time.
  • It is prohibited to make notes in or on information carriers, to fold or underline, or to trace illustrations, or in any other way damage items.
  • In the event of loss or damage of borrowed items, the costs of replacing or repairing the item will be charged to the user. Theft will be reported to the police.
D. Interlibrary loan and document delivery


  • Tilburg University staff and students can request books that are not in the possession of Tilburg University from other libraries at the applicable rates. These books can be borrowed subject to the relevant conditions.
  • The lending period of books through interlibrary loan may differ from the normal lending period of Library. The lending period is mentioned on the loan form and in the borrower's account.
  • The interlibrary loan fee must be met when the book is collected.
  • For requested books that are not collected, The interlibrary loan fee still applies. Books that are not collected after 7 days will be returned to the delivering library. A new request for the same book will again be subject to the applicable rate.

Scans of magazine and book articles

  • Tilburg University staff and students can also request scans of journal articles from journals that are not available in Tilburg University's University Library at the applicable rates. A link to the scans will be e-mailed after the fee has been paid.
  • A fee at the applicable rates also applies to scans that were requested but not collected.


  • As soon as the requested publication is available to the borrower, a payment obligation arises.
  • Tilburg University students, and staff who are not on the university’s payroll are barred from loan facilities if the total of the obligations (fines plus interlibrary loan fees) amounts to € 6.75 or more.
E. Using computers in the university library
  • The use of desktop computers is restricted to Tilburg University students and staff having a valid Tilburg University Card, for purposes of personal training, study or research. Staff should first have an account made at the faculty's Local IT Support Unit.
  • In the event of damage, misuse, or theft of desktop computers or parts thereof, or in the event that, in the opinion of the university library, the available facilities are used for purposes other than those described under 1, the director has discretion to deny the user concerned access to the computer facilities in the university library. The costs of any damage will be charged to the user.
F. Use of group workplaces
  • These workplaces are for cooperation of a number of students: The group workplaces can be reserved.
  • It is not permitted to disconnect the computer cables.
  • The workplaces are for study. Consultation is possible, but in a quiet tone.
  • (Security) personnel may request you to leave the workplace if above rules are not followed.
G. Copying library materials
  • Copying books or parts of books are subject to copyright laws.
  • Copying periodical articles and non-loanable materials is allowed for purposes of personal training, study or individual use, unless the nature of the work dictates otherwise.
  • In the event of misuse or violation of these provisions, the director has discretion to deny the person concerned access to the library facilities.
H. Miscellaneous provisions
  • University library users must obey the university library staff.
  • Eating and drinking in the Library are prohibited with the exception of level 1 and the Study Cafe.  At workplaces an exception is made for resealable bottles and mugs. Alcohol is not allowed.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the public areas of the university library.
  • Pets are not allowed in the university library, with the exception of guide dogs.
  • Absolute silence must be observed on Levels 0 and 2 of the university library. Whispering is permitted on level 1.
  • If the directions of the university library staff, including those concerning acts or behavior are not obeyed, the director has discretion to deny the person concerned access to further use of Library facilities. In special cases, the Director can request the Executive Board to deny persons access to university buildings.
  • The Director has the authority to decide cases not covered by the rules.

Price changes reserved for all tariffs mentioned in these regulations.