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An important consideration of the collection policy is to determine the academic and research relevance of a publication to the university library. The emphasis of the collection is to an extent governed by the academic and research school programs. The collection policy covers not only books, but also journals, multimedia and databases.


The collection policy has been focussing on providing access to more online databases and digital information sources, during the last few years. An e-only policy has been adopted for journals (electronic only), with the result that academic journals are now provided in a digital form if possible. Similarly, older volumes of journals are being replaced with a digital version. E-books are also being added to the collection.

Subject librarians

The library subject librarians are specialised in one or more subject fields and are responsible for the collection policy. You can contact them via

Library Advisory Committees

Most schools have an active library committee. These committees consist of school members who advise the library on its collection policy. Please contact the subject librarians for more information about the library committee which represents you.