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Open Access Regulations

Short scholarly publications by Tilburg University researchers are automatically made available Open Access via the Research Portal after six months, according to the Open Access Procedural Regulations.

The board of Tilburg University has adopted 'Open Access Procedural Regulations'. This regulation means that closed access publications by Tilburg researchers will automatically be made open access in the Research Portal six months after publication date. 

With this change in the publication policy, Tilburg University endorses the importance of Open Access. Publicly funded research should be publicly available as much as possible. Open Access increases the accessibility and impact of scientific work. 

The regulation is based on a relatively new provision in the Dutch Copyright Act (Article 25fa) that was included as a result of an amendment in 2015. The provision makes it possible to make short scholarly works, such as articles, conference papers, publications in professional journals and chapters of edited volumes, publicly available free of charge after a reasonable period of time. Member of Parliament Joost Taverne had the amendment successfully adopted in 2015, which is why it is also referred to as the Taverne amendment.

Since 2020, it has been possible for researchers to use the so-called Taverne scheme by indicating to the library that they wanted to participate. However, from 1 January 2024, this will be done automatically by Research Support and the Library. It remains possible to exclude specific works from this regulation by means of an opt-out. 

Researchers can request an opt-out via an online form. 

Request opt-out

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