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Library browser extensions make life easier

As a student or researcher, you have access to a large number of databases and publications. Accessing this information can sometimes be a challenge.

We offer two browser extensions to make this process easier:

Each extension has its own purpose. Install them both for maximum convenience.  If you decide to install only one extension, we recommend installing the Library Access extension. It offers the most diverse and comprehensive features to enhance your search experience.


The table below provides a comparison of the functionality offered by the extensions.

Library AccessLibKey Nomad
Provides links to*Articles, ebooksArticles
Works on these sitesAny sitePublisher sites, PubMed and WIkipedia

Notification via

(see image)

Pop-up via toolbar

top right of browser window


bottom left of browser window

Notifies about alternative locations for document accessYesNo
(Semi) automatic log in to licensed databasesYesNo

*Note: the extensions are complementary in terms of article access. Some results are shown by both extensions, other results only by one. Activate both extensions for the best result.

LibKey Nomad