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Consortium receives NWO subsidy for research on more effective treatment of depression

Published: 04th October 2023 Last updated: 25th January 2024

Depression is the leading cause of disability. Patients receive treatment on a trial-and-error basis because it is unknown which treatment will benefit a patient. The BOOST Depression consortium will use artificial intelligence to develop biomarkers that can predict treatment outcome and guide the selection of the best treatment for each patient. This is expected to double the treatment success rate, shorten treatment trajectories, and reduce health care costs. The Dutch research organization NWO granted a subsidy of 4,6 million euro’s to the project.

Marijn van Wingerden of the Tilburg School for Humanities and Digital Sciences takes part in the consortium, which is formed by other universities, medical institutes and companies. The consortium is lead by Professor  Guido van Wingen of  Amsterdam UMC.

Title of the project is: BiOmarkers tO perSonalise Treatment of depression (BOOST depression).  Van Wingerden will contribute to the project by his research on machine learning and EEG data.  

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Marijn van Wingerden