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Current student registrations at Tilburg University: number of students stabilizes

Published: 15th November 2023 Last updated: 15th November 2023

To date, 19,506 students are registered at Tilburg University. Student numbers have stabilized and that is in line with Tilburg University’s strategy: quality over quantity. The number of international first-year Bachelor’s students has decreased.

Rise in number of international students levels off

Of all students registered at Tilburg University in 2023, 4,785 are international students, of whom 71% are from Europe. The number of international Bachelor’s students has declined and the number of international Master’s students has risen. To date, the number of registered international students is higher by 279 than it was in the previous academic year. That is a 6.2% increase, whereas before, starting in 2017, the average rise in the number of registered international students was 14.5%. The rise in the number of registered international students has leveled off for the second year running. The likely explanation is that Tilburg University no longer actively attracts international students and has for several years now been giving information about the shortage of student accommodation. 

Bachelor’s programs: slight drop in intake

The current numbers show a decrease in intake for Bachelor’s programs as a result of a decrease in the numbers of both international and Dutch students. Nationally, there is a slight drop in the intake of pre-university (VWO) students in Bachelor’s programs. 

Master’s programs: slight rise in intake

The current number of first-year Master’s students at Tilburg University is significantly higher than in previous years: there are 339 more, mainly Dutch, Master’s students (national +202, international +137). At the same time, the number of new pre-Master’s students is approximately the same as in 2022-23 but remains significantly lower than in previous years. The internal intake numbers for Master’s programs reflects the relatively high intake for Bachelor’s programs at Tilburg University three to four years ago.

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