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Just Ask: What questions do you have about the labor market?

Published: 20th March 2024 Last updated: 27th March 2024

The labor market is uncertain and constantly evolving. It's a societal topic that Tilburg University deals with on a daily basis. From a scientific standpoint, we strive to provide solutions for this changing labor market. As an educational institution, we prepare students for the workforce, and as an employer, we provide opportunities for talent development.

With so much expertise at our disposal, we're introducing a new series: Just Ask. Here, everyone has the chance to ask a question about a societal issue. This time, the focus is on the labor market and talent development. Do you have a question that science or Tilburg University, as an educational institution or employer, can answer? Then respond to the video on LinkedIn or Instagram. Tilburg University's experts are ready to answer your questions!