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Recognition & Rewards

New edition of Recognition & Rewards magazine

Published: 30th November 2023 Last updated: 30th November 2023

In December 2022 a first joint e-magazine on the Recognition & Rewards program was published. This week, we published a new edition. The title of this new e-magazine is Embrace the impact. It is evident that Recognition & Rewards is increasingly being put into practice, including in terms of detailed new career paths, different assessment criteria, reflective leadership and much more.

Making an impact with leadership

Tilburg University has a talent-based approach when it comes to (personal) leadership. The university believes that talent development leads to more work satisfaction and the best team results. That’s why Tilburg University introduced the leadership program Connected Leading. Vice-Rector Magnificus Jantine Schuit: “The current generation is looking for an employer where they feel safe, where they can work in a pleasant environment and achieve their full potential.” Curious how that works?

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Part of Use (Y)our Talents

Along with the Recognition & Rewards program, Connected Leading is part of Tilburg University’s Use (Y)our Talents vision. Here, the university is committed to a broad culture change aimed at identifying, attracting and retaining talent. 

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