New educational building at Meerkoldreef

Published: 30th August 2021 Last updated: 31st August 2021

At the start of the new academic year in September, the new educational building at Meerkoldreef (MD) will be opened. The acquisition of this building, that used to belong to Fontys, offers Tilburg University temporary extra capacity for education as well as additional workstations until the new on-campus building at Warandelaan is realized.

The property at Meerkoldreef 6 is a two-floor educational building with 94 parking spaces and a bike parking facility. All Schools will be using the building for classes. Lectures will be scheduled in the three large halls, and seminars as well as labs can be taught in rooms with a capacity of 20. There are also 14 bookable meeting rooms available for students. These can be booked through LibCal. The new educational building is about a ten-minute walk from Academia building. 

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New development on campus

Student numbers at Tilburg University are increasing and teaching methods are changing. In the future, the existing buildings on the campus will offer insufficient teaching space and not all of them are equipped for new teaching methods. In the coming years, the campus will be developed to better meet these new needs.

This summer, the outdated Prisma building was demolished. Realizing the new educational building will take some time. With the purchase of the property at Meerkoldreef, the university has more temporary teaching space at its disposal. The ambition is to realize housing, among other things, on the site after a period of five years in collaboration with the City of Tilburg based on its Kenniskwartier area development vision.

Former Juridische Hogeschool

The building used to accommodate Fontys/Avans’ School of Law (Juridische Hogeschool). In the summer of 2020, this School moved to the Stappegoor Campus, making the building at Meerkoldreef redundant for Fontys.