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NWO funding for PhD project in the Humanities

Published: 11th July 2022 Last updated: 15th July 2022

This year, Femke van Hout from the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences (TSHD) managed to obtain a research grant, funded by the NWO PhDs in the Humanities program, to which TSHD-PhDs can apply each year.

Femke van Hout received her bachelor’s degree of Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Maastricht and obtained a research master’s degree in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam.
Her awarded project ‘A Never-Ending Story: An Empirical-Philosophical Study of Chronic Illness Experiences’ will be supervised by an interdisciplinary team consisting of Prof. Dr. Jenny Slatman, Dr. Aukje van Rooden and Dr. Inge van de Ven. The project contributes to breaking the silence surrounding chronic illness. It therefore ties in with the narrative turn in medicine, which helps people reclaim their voice by telling a story about their illness. The study specifically questions how chronically ill adolescents and young adults experience time. Its aim is to look for new ways of narrating these time experiences. Thus, it hopes to help patients and their caretakers to make sense of the aimlessness and timelessness of chronic illnesses.

For more information, see the NWO website.