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Theo Camps’ Valedictory Address: Close Relationship between House and Cabinet Prevents Officials from Speaking Freely

Published: 13th March 2023 Last updated: 17th March 2023

An overly close relationship between coalition factions in the Dutch House of Representatives and cabinet makes it impossible for officials to give ethical advice. So, Prof. dr. Theo Camps will conclude in his valedictory address on March 17, 2023.

Camps will discuss the need to take stock of ethical and political aspects, as part of due diligence for top officials. He will also offer insights into how to make these critical aspects of political decision-making explicit, without exposing officials to accusations of playing politics.

During his stint as professor, Camps’ research and lectures covered a wide range of topics, including organizational change, management and leadership. Through a combination of academic publications and organizational consulting projects, he has become something of an icon in the development of organizational changes. As a school for business and society, TIAS has served as a vital home base for his work.

Camps: “Shedding light on ethical considerations makes policy choices transparent, and doesn’t have to result in officials driving policy. Dualism as a basic principle in the relationship between the House and cabinet is a key pillar in ensuring that officials can speak and act freely. An overly cozy relationship between coalition factions and cabinet confuses roles for officials and complicates open dialog with ministers and state secretaries. Also, as a general rule, officials should have a skill set that meets the practical needs and that is less related to serving the internal needs of the current members of cabinet.”

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    Prof. dr. Theo Camps

    Professor of Organizational Science & Public Administration at TIAS School for Business and Society

    Prof. Dr. Theo Camps (1955) studied political science and public administration at Radboud University Nijmegen from 1974 to 1981. In 1995, he earned his doctorate from the University of Twente, with a thesis on the relationship between strategic decision-making and administrative information provision, entitled the “The Closed Council of Experts” (‘Het besloten concilie der deskundigen’). In the year 2000, he was appointed Professor of Organizational Science & Public Administration at TIAS School for Business and Society and Tilburg University. In addition to his role as professor, he was affiliated with the Rijnconsult Group and later the Berenschot Group. Camps served in the roles of manager and adviser in these consulting organizations. He has worked as an adviser in client projects for decades.

Note for the press

Prof. dr. Theo Camps will deliver his valedictory address, entitled “Intention and Impact: Long term value creation, instant evaluation” at 4:15 pm on Friday, March 17, 2023, in the Tilburg University auditorium. The ceremony will also be livestreamed at: Auditorium livestream | Tilburg University. For further information or a digital copy of the speech, please contact Ilse van Eck at +31 (0)13 466 8660 or

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