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Tilburg University and Centerdata sign agreement for closer collaboration

Published: 30th June 2022 Last updated: 30th June 2022

On June 30, Tilburg University and Centerdata have signed a partner agreement, improving the structure and strategy of the existing collaboration. Based on this sustainable strategic partnership, Centerdata may now call itself ‘Official Partner Tilburg University’.

Centerdata is an independent non-profit research institute that collects, analyses, and disseminates reliable data for the academic community, government and private sector. Since its establishment in 1996, there has always been close collaboration between Centerdata and Tilburg University in many fields. Because there is mutual appreciation for each other's reputation, position, and activities between the Tilburg University Executive Board and Centerdata’s board of directors and supervisory board, both organizations are very positive about mutual strategic collaboration. Close collaboration with the various Tilburg University Schools has added value for Centerdata in the fields of theory building, research methods, and interpretation of research results. For Tilburg University, it means additional opportunities for impact and better access to data facilities.

The data provided by Centerdata have been important for our research for a long time. However, there is an increasing need for a large-scale data collection infrastructure in the social sciences. We hope to make more and more possible with intensified collaboration in this area.” - Paulina Snijders, Vice-President of the Executive Board.


Centerdata is a non-profit research institute in Tilburg that contributes to academic, social and policy-relevant research. In the 25 years of its existence, Centerdata has grown into a leading party in survey, policy, and consumer research and has expertise in the areas of data science and customized software development for complex national and international projects focusing on innovation.

Official partner

Since 2019, partners with which Tilburg University conducts sustainable strategic collaboration may call themselves ‘Official Partner Tilburg University’ and display the relevant logo. Other official partners include PON/Telos and the Collaborating Top Teaching Hospitals foundation (Stichting Topklinische Ziekenhuizen, STZ). The collaboration memorandum on Academic Collaborative Centers provides that university-wide academic collaborative centers are also ‘Official (Academic Collaborative Center) Partners’.

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