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University medals awarded to Marc Groenhuijsen and Jaap Paauwe

Published: 13th September 2021 Last updated: 29th August 2022

Outgoing Professors Marc Groenhuijsen (Tilburg Law School) and Jaap Paauwe (Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences) were awarded the University Medal for special merits last week.

Universiteitspenning voor prof. Marc Groenhuijsen

At his farewell on September 10, 2021, Professor Marc Groenhuijsen was presented with the University Medal by Rector Magnificus, also Chairman of the Executive Board Wim van de Donk, for his special merits.

Marc Groenhuijsen belongs to the absolute world top in the field of Criminal Law and the absolute and undisputed number 1 for many years in the field of research into and defense of victims' rights. He was a driving force for interdisciplinary cooperation avant la lettre. Groenhuijsen has a particularly warm heart for our university and city and brought them into the limelight. Within his appointment he was dean of two different schools and was always available to the Board for difficult and troublesome work, also behind the scenes. As an administrator and professor he enjoyed great appreciation internationally and nationally. In all this he also let our university and city shine.

You can read his farewell interview here.

Professor Jaap Paauwe has been an invaluable visionary, connector and mentor for the Human Resource Studies department, for the TSB faculty and for Tilburg University. For his outstanding achievements Jaap received a university medal during his farewell on September 9, 2021.

Jaap Paauwe ontvangt Universiteitspenning

ProfessorJaap Paauwe has been associated with Tilburg University since 2005, first as department chair of the Department of Human Resource Studies (HRS), later as vice dean of research of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB) and more recently as the leading figure in Recognition & Appreciation at Tilburg University. He has put the Department of HRS on the international map, co-founded the Herbert Simon Research Institute within TSB. He has also helped to map out Tilburg University's scientific strengths, thereby strengthening its profile.

Jaap's qualities as a visionary, connector and mentor and his vast knowledge and expertise, optimism and enthusiasm are invaluable to the Department of HRS, TSB and Tilburg University. 

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