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Academic Pre-Bachelor

Complete your Civic Integration requirements and prepare for a Bachelor’s level major at the same time.

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What can you expect of the Pre-Bachelor?

    • You will take various courses to complete your Civic Integration requirements: training Dutch State Exam program II, KNM and ONA.
    • You will also take a number of subjects, such as English and mathematics B, that will allow you to begin a university-level major well-prepared.
    • Attention is also given to selecting an educational course, studying skills and individual guidance counseling.
    • It is a fulltime program with a 40-hour a week study load.

    The Pre-Bachelor starts end of August, 2019 and lasts until the end of June, 2020.

    After the Pre-Bachelor

    If you pass the Pre-Bachelor's year, you will eligible for a Dutch-language or English-language Bachelor at Tilburg University.

    If you would like to attend another university or university of applied sciences, then the requirements of the institution of your choice are applicable.

    When does the Pre-Bachelor suit you?

    • If you want to take the Dutch State Exam (NT2), program II
    • If you want to pursue an education at a university but do not have a secondary school diploma that is comparable to a Dutch vwo diploma.

    The academic Pre-Bachelor in Tilburg gives you the possibility to complete both in one year of study.

    Which entrance requirements do you have to meet?

    A B1 level of Dutch and a B1min level of English is required to take the Pre-Bachelor's year. And you have basic knowledge of mathematics. You must be able to perform academically at the equivalent of a Dutch havo 5 level. This will be tested during the admissions procedure.

    Our partners

    The pre-bachelor is cooperating with Boswell-Bèta (Utrecht) and Erasmus University (Rotterdam). We all offer a general pre-bachelor year. In Tilburg this is called the Pre-Bachelor.

    This program is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the province of Noord-Brabant in the context of OPZuid, Tilburg University, the municipality of Tilburg and theFoundation for Refugee Students UAF.

    UAF Gemeente Tilburg

    What does it cost to participate in this Pre-Bachelor?

    Are you a client of UAF? Then you will pay a fee of € 3,750 for the program. If you are not, the costs will be € 5,950. Potentially, € 3,750 of this amount can be paid from a DUO-loan for Civic Integration.

    Apply for the Pre-Bachelor

    Do you want to attend the pre-bachelor year at Tilburg University? You can inform us about your interest in the program via our registration form.

    Ask your questions

    Do you have questions about the Pre-Bachelor? We are happy to help you!

    Our program coordinators will inform you on the Pre-Bachelor, will give you answers and advice regarding this program. They will take into account your ambitions and educational background.

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