Lidmaatschap personeelsvereniging

Membership Employee Association Unifriends

Like so many companies and institutions, Tilburg University has its own employee association. It was founded in 1969, is a legal entity separte from the university. It has grown into an association with over 1.000 members.


The membership fee for the Employee Association 'Unifriends' is € 1.25 per month. Depending on the way your employment contract is arranged, you pay the contribution monthly (via automatic deduction from the salary) or annually (via an invoice in November of the current year).


The following persons can become members of Employee Association 'Unifriends':

Employees employed by Tilburg University / KCS

Employees of Tilburg University / KCS

Via the application form you can register as a member of the personnel association. Fill in this form and sent it to HR Service Center. The contribution will be processed with your salary on a monthly basis.

Employees Institutes

Institutes not employed by Tilburg University. Print the application form and hand it in or send it in.

Employees of external companies

You are working at one of the following companies and your workplace is Tilburg University.

  • Catering
  • Cleaning companies,

Print the application form and submit it or send it to us.


As a retired or early retired person, you can remain/become a member of the staff association. However, you will have to make this known yourself. Print out the application form and hand it in or send it in.


If you would like to terminate your membership you can do so in the following way.