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Using Virtual Reality to investigate driver mind-wandering

Published: 26th September 2023 Last updated: 04th October 2023

Mind-wandering is one of the leading causes of fatal traffic accidents. Andrew Reid and his team want to create an ecologically valid VR environment to study when, why, and how the mind wanders while driving, and how it can be detected and potentially prevented.

“We partnered with Veilig Verkeer Nederland to connect what we’re simulating in our virtual reality environment with what’s actually happening on the highway.” – Dr. Andrew Reid 

For this project, Dr. Andrew Reid (TSB, Cognitive Neuropsychology Dept.) collaborates with Dr. Myrthe Faber & Phillip Brown (TSHD, Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Dept.), using the lab facilities at MindLabs. Veilig Verkeer Nederland will be actively involved in co-designing the study to ensure that its findings are valuable, relevant, and can be shared with the general public. 

Watch this brief introduction to the project: 

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This project is funded by Tilburg University’s Digital Sciences for Society program: 

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