Paul Frissen

The state is back, all the way, due to Corona

Knowledge Snacks 2 min. Clemens van Diek

Also hunger for knowledge? Fancy a knowledge snack? Tilburg Professor of Public Administration Paul Frissen, also chairman of the board of the Netherlands School for Public Administration (NSOB), reflects on the corona crisis and talks about the delicate balance between science and politics and how the state has been put back on the agenda by almost all political parties, from the (extreme) left to the (extreme) right. The state is back, all the way.

Nevertheless, it is important not to make this crisis an exclusive state affair, but to use, wherever possible, the vitality and solidarity of citizens, businesses and civil society organizations of all kinds to combat this crisis.

Frissen explains

In an 8-minute mini-lecture, Paul Frissen discusses what the corona crisis means for the Public Administration and vice versa what the Public Administration means for the understanding of the crisis and for the consequences of action. The clip is part of a series of videos, entitled Special State of Science, published by the Vereniging Bestuurskunde (Association for Public Administration).

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Date of publication: 29 April 2020