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Talent at work: new edition Tilburg University Magazine

Published: 16th June 2023 Last updated: 19th June 2023

The uncertain and constantly changing job market requires us to keep developing ourselves. It is an important theme for Tilburg University, for students, staff, and alumni. Work is an essential driving force, both for individuals and society. In this edition of Tilburg University Magazine, we explore the dynamic relationship between talent development and the labor market.

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A small selection from the new edition of the online magazine:

  • We present research conducted by students on how to improve the job satisfaction of migrant workers
  • We talk about the flexible job market in an episode of our science podcast series Science Quest
  • We share tips for employers and employees to work on their career development
  • We show how we collaborate with social partners to promote broad prosperity through the job market
  • We show how our alumni develop their talents at work

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