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PhD Valorisation Program supports 12 students to make impact with their research

Published: 03rd May 2021 Last updated: 03rd May 2021

The Tilburg University PhD Valorisation Program stimulated 12 participants to create societal impact with their research. The program was launched half a year ago by the the Tilburg University Impact Program in cooperation with THRIVE Institute (think tank for impact). On 29th of April Vice Rector Magnificus Jantine Schuit awarded certificates to the 12 participating PhD students.

In October 2020, 12 doctoral students started the program, which gives them more insight and tools to put their research in practice. April 29th, during the final session, they all gave a presentation on their research and the way they are going to make impact in society.

Participant Karlijn Hoyer: ‘My PhD topic is greed and how it influences economic and also social decision-making. One project, for example, investigated whether greedy individuals trade differently in an interactive stock market game. Interestingly, we found that this is actually not the case! Another project investigated how greed affects friendships, and we found that greedy individuals objectify their friendships.’

‘The valorisation program helped me find different outlets for my research (other than publishing in a scientific journal) and how to go about to reach out to these outlets. My first popular science blog on ‘whether “greedy” bankers are to blame for the financial crisis’ will be published soon! The dream is to one day publish a popular science book.’  

And Hellen Smith: ‘My PhD research is on fintech, digital identity and biometric technologies. I am specifically seeking to understand, what amounts to equitable use of these technologies and data emitted from these technologies for economic growth and human development, and how the data markets created by these technologies function and are regulated.  My PhD research focuses on Kenya.’

‘My PhD research has generated rich fieldwork data as a result of 6 months of fieldwork in Kenya conducting interviews and focus group discussions with technology companies, government officials, international organisations and everyday users of the technologies I am studying.  The valorisation programme has helped me think through different ways I can make use of my research for societal impact.  I have successfully developed an outreach project which will involve non-profits organisations and government agencies to help reduce inequalities related to technology and data.’

Vice rector magnificus Jantine Schuit: ‘The goal of the program was to translate knowledge into products, services, processes and entrepreneurial activities and making it suitable for economic and societal use. In other words: to make an impact. And I am very happy with the results we see here.’

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