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TILEC Work In Progress: Stephanie Bijlmakers

Date: Time: 10:45 Location: ONLINE Meeting

10:45-11:45, ONLINE MEETING

'No Iso-fix for human rights: a critical perspective on ISO 26000'

This paper assesses the effectiveness of ISO26000 for human rights 10 years after its publication. For the purpose of this chapter, of particular relevance is how well ISO26000 serves the goal it has set for itself and the outcome it has achieved in relation to human rights, amongst other aspects of social responsibility, within the context of sustainable development. Moreover, it discusses the relevance and suitability of ISO26000 in contributing to resolving key challenges in the business and human rights domain. How substantially speaking ISO26000 defines human rights responsibilities, how it is distributed and its actual impact on standards and practices are important aspects to consider when determining its effectiveness. Also relevant is its added value in a field densely populated with SR initiatives.


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