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Excellent researchers who are interested in staying at TiLPS may want to apply for a third-party grant making this possible. There are many grants and subsidies; we list some below. Which one fits you best will in general depend on the stage of your career and may also depend on your current country of residence.

If you consider applying, please send an informal preliminary research proposal (2 pages) to Prof. dr. Jan Sprenger. This should preferably be done a few months before the deadline so that we may provide feedback. Please also send your CV, a sample of your work, and a short explanation why you would like to work with us.

1. NWO Rubicon

Researchers from any country who are in the earliest stages of their career can apply for a Rubicon grant from NWO, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. A condition is that you have been awarded your PhD in the twelve months preceding the application deadline. Application is possible if your thesis has been approved, even if you do not yet have the PhD in hand. The grant will cover research in the Netherlands for a period of one year. There are three selection rounds a year for Rubicon grants.

2. NWO Veni

NWO Veni grants are geared towards researchers who have obtained their PhD in the recent past. There should not be more than three years between the moment the PhD was awarded and the application deadline. The grant will be awarded for three years and anyone can apply, regardless of nationality or current country of residence.
Veni grants are part of NWO's Innovational Research Incentives Scheme. There is one application round a year for Veni grants, with a deadline early in January.

3. NWO Vidi

NWO Vidi grants are meant for more experienced researchers. The gap between the moment that the doctorate was obtained and the moment of the application deadline should be minimally three years and maximally eight in this case. Vidi grants have a duration of five years and proposals typically also apply for the funding of one or two PhD students or postdocs. Again, researchers from abroad may apply. There is one application round a year, usually with a deadline in February.

4. Marie Curie Individual Fellowships

The European Union supports the formation and mobility of postdoctoral researchers through various programs. Among the most exciting ones are the Marie Curie Individual Fellowships: generously funded postdoc positions of 12-24 months at an institution of your choice. They aim at supporting the best talents in all areas of research. For more information, see this website. Submission deadlines are roughly every nine months at varying times of the year.