Conference TILTing Perspectives 2021: Regulating in Times of Crisis

TILTing perspectives 2021 brings together for the 7th time researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and civil society at the intersection of law and regulation, technology, and society to share insights, exchange ideas and formulate, discuss and suggest answers to contemporary challenges related to technological innovation.

We are living through turbulent times that strain individuals and communities; yet, the current crisis related to the coronavirus pandemic has also proved thought-provoking for policymakers and regulatory scholars. The responses to COVID-19 have sparked lively discussions on the relationship between public health and private and/or government interventions.  But concerns on how societies approach regulation and how our rights and freedoms are affected by crises are not new. Consider, for example, the climate and humanitarian crises together with other major global challenges: all of them call for new ways of thinking about regulation and, potentially, about new ways of acting as academics or citizens. The COVID-19 is thus also an impetus to reflect upon how we regulate crises and how crisis situations impact regulation.

These challenging times have led us to adopt ‘Regulating in Times of Crisis’ as the overarching theme for the seventh bi-annual TILTing Perspectives conference on the intersection of law, technology, and society.

While TILTing conferences have historically focused on a specific sector or technology such as ‘robotics and neurotechnologies’ in 2011 and ‘health and surveillance’ in 2015, since 2017 the approach is to cover an entire spectrum of topics under the broad umbrella of law, technology, and society. This approach is maintained for the 2021 edition of TILTing Perspectives, taking place on 19-21 May 2021 in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Should the circumstances not allow for this, the conference will take place online or adopt a hybrid format on the same days.

The conference will include plenary sessions, parallel sessions, and panel discussions with invited speakers, as well as presentations from respondents to a call for papers.


  • 19, 20, 21 May 2021


  • Tilburg University, Tilburg, the Netherlands

Call for papers

Striving to bring together scholars and practitioners of various disciplines, we look forward to receiving your research contributions on legal, governance, and regulatory challenges presented by crises. To explore this topic, we welcome submissions on concrete types of innovation and technologies, as well as general observations on the regulation of and by innovation and technology in a world in crisis, through the intersection of law, technology and society.

Encompassing keynote addresses, plenary sessions, and panel presentations and discussions, the TILTing Perspectives 2021 conference features six tracks explained below: Energy and Climate Crisis, Competition and Market Regulation, Human Rights and Artificial Intelligence, Data Protection, IP Law and an Open Track.

You can find the call for papers here.