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TILEC Club Med: Giorgio Monti

Date: Time: 10:45 Location: Zoom meeting

The General Court’s Google Shopping Judgment and the scope of Article 102 TFEU

This ClubMed session will present the General Court’s judgment of 10 November 2021 in the Google Shopping case. We will discuss the most salient aspects of the judgment: the notion of super-dominance, the concept of abuse of dominance, the role of the Bronner line of cases, the role of discrimination, the analysis of anticompetitive effects, the role of the as-efficient competitor test, the assessment of the efficiencies pleaded on appeal and the review of the fine. While the judgment offers a welcome clarification of the standard to be applied it also reveals that we need a better conceptual approach to tell abuse of dominance apart from competition on the merits. The talk is based on a draft paper.

Click here for the Paper

Time: 10:45-11:45

Host: Konrad Borowicz

Moderator: Florian Schütt  

* For more information regarding this event please contact M. van Genk ,  24 hours before the event at latest.