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Bart Dierynck appointed as TiSEM Professor of Management Accounting

Published: 11th June 2019 Last updated: 14th June 2019

Tilburg University has appointed dr. Bart Dierynck as Professor of Management Accounting at the Department of Accountancy in the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM), effective June 1, 2019. Management accounting is concerned with the provision of information within firms to develop and implement strategies.

Management accounting contributes to firm performance by providing information to support managers and employees in making strategic and operational decisions. Management accounting information is, for example, used to set prices, target customers, select suppliers, develop performance management systems, evaluate employees, pay out bonuses and validate business models.


In an era of Big Data, firms are struggling to develop reliable performance measures out of the data they collect, to determine the frequency with which they provide information and evaluate employees, and to avoid that the performance measures itself are managed, which are all questions that Dierynck addresses in his work.

Dierynck is especially known for his multidisciplinary research at the intersection between management accounting on the one hand and operations management, organizational behavior, and corporate responsibility on the other hand. He works with researchers from several disciplines to address intellectually-challenging and practically-relevant questions in the broader area of management accounting. The multidisciplinary view on research of Tilburg School of Economics and Management allows Professor Dierynck to contribute to both science and practice. He aims to continue his multidisciplinary journey by increasing his focus on the use of field data.


Bart Dierynck is an award-winning teacher and teaches about management accounting, strategy implementation, and corporate responsibility. He teaches in the MSc Accountancy and the MSc International Management as well as in MBA- and executive education programs and tailored in-company programs. Dierynck is currently heading the Research Master and PhD-program in Accounting at Tilburg School of Economics and Management.

Bart Dierynck obtained his undergraduate degrees in business economics and his PhD in Accounting at KU Leuven (Belgium). He has held visiting positions at Emory University and INSEAD. His work appears in leading journals in accounting, organizational behavior and operations management.

Dierynck developed the Reshoringtool for the city of Tilburg (together with Eddy Cardinaels). The Reshoringtool aims to support Dutch small-and-medium-sized companies when they want to bring (a part of) their manufacturing activities back to the Netherlands.The Reshoringtool has already been used by several companies and some of these companies have already decided to bring back (at least a part of) their manufacturing activities to the Netherlands.

Note to editors

For more information please contact press officer Annemeike Tan, telephone +31 13 466 2596, e-mail, or Bart Dierynck, e-mail, telephone +31 13 466 2682.