Tilburg University department Accountancy

Research Department of Accountancy

Accountancy is the gathering, using and auditing of information for planning and control (performance measurement) of for-profit companies and other organizations. Research in accountancy at Tilburg University spans a range of topics almost as broad as that definition. Faculty are exploring how firms use accounting for performance measurement and incentive purposes (stewardship), how market agents use accounting information in capital markets, how firms respond to corporate tax rules and the economic role of auditors.

The Research Group Accounting (basically coinciding with the Department of Accountancy) is committed to the advancement and dissemination of accountancy knowledge through excellence in its research. The Research Group encourages members to publish in top-tier international journals. We have developed a critical mass of research active members in a number of key areas of accountancy, including: managerial accounting, financial reporting, tax accounting and auditing. While the areas of interest and methodology of the group's members are diverse, a common feature is the use of economics as disciplinary foundation. This allows the group to capitalize optimally upon the existing strengths in Research at Tilburg School of Economics and Management. All group members actively contribute to its research profile and substantial resources are allocated to support these contributions.

The research group is also committed to the development of strong international alliances through an active research seminars program, the appointment of eminent visiting scholars, external research grants and active research programs.