Research Tilburg School of Economics and Management

Research Economics and Management

With our research we focus on the themes of labor markets, aging, sustainability, innovation, market governance, banking, financial markets, entrepreneurship, marketing, and consumer behavior.

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The School's academic staff is grouped into departments. Additionally, the School stimulates also thematic and inter-disciplinary research by hosting and partnering in interdisciplinary  research centers and networks.

  • TiSEM - Vincent Wiegerinck

    Vincent Wiegerinck

    Senior lecturer Department of Marketing

    "We want stimulate our students to be critical thinkers but also to act in a responsible way with an open mind for large societal issues."

    Portrait Vincent Wiegerinck

  • TiSEM - Jeroen Aben

    Jeroen Aben

    Student member TiSEM Management Team

    "This position is a great opportunity for me to take a look around behind the scenes, and make a worthwhile contribution as well."

    Portrait Jeroen Aben