TILT Seminar: Verónica Mery León

Date: Time: 14:30 Location: hybrid meeting: Room M1003 and Teams Meeting

Towards a Just Constitutional Framework for the Digital Society: The Case of the Chilean Constitution of 2022

The seminar will focus on the Chilean constitution making process and outcomes in digital regulation. It will explore the process's background, the main actors involved, and the nature of this democratic process. It will explain why the constitutional proposal was rejected and the potential consequences of that. The hypothesis is that the "corpus" of digital rights includes several rules regarding the way in which digital development should move forward in order to be consistent with the values and rights of individuals. Therefore, it is expected that this proposal will survive and continue to influence the future constitutional process and discussions within South America, as a model of how we should govern the digital space.

Speaker: Verónica Mery León, Tecnologia Crítica, Chile
Veronica is a Chilean lawyer and holds a law degree from the Universidad de Chile. She has experience working in the area of law and policy, including Internet regulation, and data protection. At present, she works at Tecnologia Crítica, an experimental consultancy focused on research and the development of meaningful strategies for public policy agencies on digital regulation. At Tecnologia Crítica she is involved in the monitoring and tracking of legislative proposals and policy developments within Chile. She has also functioned as a legal advisor to the Chilean Constitutional Convention in the elaboration of constitutional norms on digital regulation, copyright and free speech. Prior to joining Tecnologia Crítica, she worked as a research assistant in a Digital Rights NGO. From September to December 2022, Veronica is a visiting researcher at TILT. She will conduct research on her project entitled "Towards a Just Constitutional Framework for the Digital Society: The Case of the Chilean Constitution of 2022' within the framework of the Global Data Justice project at TILT.

Moderator: Siddharth Peter de Souza

Attendance is free. To register for this event please contact: TILT Secretariat