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Research Associates TILT

TILT has opened its call for Research Associate applications. The Research Associate is a commitment for a longer period (2 years), in which you have the opportunity to deeply engage in collaborative and interdisciplinary exploration of topics related to TILT’s research in law, technology and society.

We invite applications from individuals from around the globe and encourage applications from a diverse group of experts committed to delivering a contribution to the regulation of technologies and technology-related societal innovation. Research associates typically reside at their own institutes but engage remotely and actively over a longer period (up to 2 years) with one or more TILT members.

Of course, visits to Tilburg are welcome, but not necessary for the status of Research Associate. Through this open call, we seek to advance our collective work and to deepen and broaden our networked community across backgrounds, disciplines, cultures and nations.

About TILT’s Research Associates

TILT maintains formal research links with academics who are engaged in collaborative activities with the Institute in research and teaching. Each position of Research Associate at TILT carries a unique set of opportunities and responsibilities; the commonality among all TILT Research Associates is an interest in the interplay between law, technology and society and a commitment to spending time at TILT exploring those dynamics in concert with others. Associates must be willing to contribute to gaining a deeper understanding of the complex ways in which technology, regulation, and normative outlooks interact and shape each other. We expect that each Research Associate is prepared to give occasional guest lectures, research seminars or master classes (all remote or in person). We also expect our Associates to collaborate with TILT staff on joint publications.

Associates are committed to the intellectual life of TILT and can participate in TILT research projects. They can attend any TILT event and are informed about the latest TILT news, seminars, workshops, and publications via e-mail.


The position of Research Associate is open to (postdoc) researchers and academic staff from both within and outside European Union countries. Non-academic experts can also qualify for the position when they have the strong ambition to contribute to the academic debate.


Research Associates are appointed for a renewable period of 2 years. Applications can be made at any time.

Practical matters

Access to University Resources
Financial aid


Required Application Materials

1. A current resume or CV
2. A personal statement which should make clear:

  • Your motivation for applying at TILT
  • The work you propose to conduct during your time as a Research Associate

3. Recommendation letter by a TILT senior.

Sending your application

Please send your application to After that your application will be discussed by the TILT management team.

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