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KHMW awards student Franceso Fumagalli Young Talent Prize

Published: 27th November 2023 Last updated: 30th November 2023

The Koninklijke Hollandse Maatschappij der Wetenschappen (KHMW) awarded first year student Artifical Intelligence Francesco Fumagalli a Prize for Young Talents on 27 November in Haarlem. The encouragement prize is assigned based on study results and worth 500 euro's.

Fumagalli co-authored a paper concerning EEG data augmentation using Diffusion Models. He won last year's Tilburg University Challenge in the Innovation category and got 2nd place at the br4in.io Spring School Hackathon 2023 (Data Analysis Category). Fumagalli: 'Each of those was an exciting accomplishment and I couldn't be more grateful for my wonderful teammates, although I do not know whether they contributed to my nomination for the KNHW award.'

He is planning to 'focus my efforts on understanding the simplest biological beings and the insights they can provide for new Artificial Intelligence algorithms, as well as how life arises from inorganic matter from a complex systems perspective.'

See here for more information on the Young Talent prizes.