University College Tilburg

offers the multidisciplinary program of Liberal Arts and Sciences. In a state-of-the art location at the heart of the campus, a nurturing environment is created that allows international students to develop into critical thinkers and future leaders.

University College Tilburg

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Combine insights from social sciences, law, humanities, business and cognitive neuroscience to tackle key issues in today's society.

University College Tilburg provides the Bachelor’s program of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

News and blogs

  • 03 Jul 2017Opinion

    Dean's blog: Harry Potter
    In our University College, prospective students have to go through an admission procedure. People always assume we are only looking for excellence. While the term is commonly understood as standing for outstanding talent or achievement, it is not a scientific term. There is no clear-cut definition. Read more

  • 07 Jun 2017Opinion

    Ellen Dreezens: Happy Living
    A Story About Narratives Read more

  • 28 Mar 2017Opinion

    Dean's blog: Interesting Times
    The blessing: ’May you live in interesting times’, is of course a curse in disguise. Uninteresting times of peace and order are preferable over living in interesting disruptive ones. Unfortunately, our times are becoming more interesting by the day. Read more

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