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The Tilburg University Research Portal shows the range and diversity of Tilburg University’s research. Here you can find our researchers and their research units, publications, activities, projects, media coverage, and (inter-)national recognition.

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Sections Tilburg University Research Portal

The portal consists of the following sections. Each section is searchable.


You will find our researchers in the “Profiles” section in an alphabetical order. The portal only contains the Academic Profile Pages of the researchers, who are currently employed by our university. You can search by name and filter by subject ("Concept") and by period. Where possible, a researcher’s Academic Profile Page will show contact details, information on his/her profile, expertise ("Fingerprint"), network, projects, publications ("Research Output"), activities, recognition ("Prizes/Recognition"), media coverage, and researchers with a similar profile.

Research units

Here you will find our Schools and the underlying organizational units (such as Departments, research institutes and research groups). You can view an alphabetical ("Grid") and a hierarchical ("Hierarchy") list. You can also search by name and filter by subject ("Concept"). A research unit’s page shows: expertise ("Fingerprint"), staff, projects, publications ("Research Output"), recognition ("Prizes/Recognition"), activities, and press coverage.

Research output

Our researchers’ publications form the largest part of the portal. A chronological list is displayed. You can also search by author name and by words from a title description, an abstract, or even the full text of the publication if that is available via the portal. Filtering is possible by document type, language, publication year, subject ("Concepts"), research unit, and Open Access availability. You can sort a list by publication year, title, and document type.


Here you will find our researchers’ activities, i.e., work which does not directly result in publications, but which can be seen in the context of valorization or exposure, e.g., participating in conferences, giving lectures, or working as an editor or reviewer. A chronological list is displayed, which you can also sort by title. You can search by title and filter by activity type and year.


The "Projects" section should be seen in a broad sense. It contains the research projects that take and took place at Tilburg University. The list is sorted by start date but can also be sorted by title, end date, type, and status. Searching is possible by a word in the title or description of the project. Filtering can be done by project type, start year, status, and subject ("Concepts"). Wherever possible, for each project the portal shows the researchers involved, a description, keywords, activities, and publications.


This section of the portal describes the attention that media pay to our researchers, for example, in the form of interviews in newspapers or on radio and TV. The list is sorted chronologically, but you can also sort it by title. You can search by words from the title and filter by year.


Finally, this section is an indication of the national and international recognition of our researchers, in the form of prizes, awards, or grants. This list is sorted chronologically (which can be adjusted in a title sort). You can search by name of the prize or the researcher and filter by type, year, or subject ("Concepts").

Information for Tilburg University academic staff

On the intranet, information is available for our academic staff. They can log in to Pure to maintain their Academic Profile Page and to enter publications, activities, projects, media coverage, or prizes.

Your personal data

Tilburg University takes its legal duty to protect personal data very seriously. Personal data need to be processed for education, for research, and for support processes.  Personal data are processed and protected in conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). More information on how we use and process your personal data when you visit the Tilburg University Research Portal, can be found in the Tilburg University Privacy Statement.