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Are you looking for a student who, for a short period of time, can contribute independently to a project or to research at your organization? Then check out the Tilburg University Career Portal.

Looking for interns?

Companies or recruiters can post internships, entry-level jobs, side jobs or career events free of charge on the new portal. The Career Portal is an online market place for internships, graduation projects, and entry-level jobs. This is where we bring our students and employers together. Of course, you can also contact one of our contact persons. Please check the school overview further on this page.

Why hire a student?

A Tilburg University student doing an internship or graduation project with you can be of great value to your organization. Interns not only bring a new and fresh perspective on things, they also give you access to recent scientific and academic knowledge. Besides this, an internship allows you to find out if a student fits within the culture of your organization if you are considering offering them a job after their internship.

Information per school

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Are you a student looking for an internship?

See the webpage on gaining job experience through internships