Tilburg University & corona

Published: 25th February 2020 Last updated: 24th September 2021

Because we at Tilburg University understand that the development of COVID-19 has a great impact on you as a student, employee or campus visitor, we try to share as much information as possible about the guidelines of Tilburg University on this website. The information is regularly updated and updated based on the questions we receive.

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This page contains all important information about campus, education, working on campus and events.

We are happy to be on campus again!

Together we ensure a safe working and learning environment.

  • Follow the hygiene measures
  • Use free self-tests
  • We want to encourage you to get vaccinated
Tilburg University & corona


Opening hours buildings

  • Everyone must follow the guidelines of the government and the RIVM. In addition to the hygiene measures of the RIVM, Tilburg University's guidelines have been drawn up. With this we want to ensure a safe environment for everyone and deal responsibly with the space available
  • As of Monday, September 25, the one and a half meter will be abolished as an obligation throughout society and the maximum group size will no longer apply at the university. It is still sensible to give each other space, but soon it will no longer be necessary.
  • As of September 25, the obligation to wear a mouth mask when moving around will cease. 
  • Self-testing remains important. Self-tests can still be ordered and delivered to your home at no cost through We ask that if you are teaching or working on campus and have not yet been vaccinated, you take a self-test before coming to campus. Vaccinated students and employees, we ask that you take a self-test twice a week. Only come to campus if your self test is negative.
  • Access to educational activities is not conditional on taking a self-test. More information on using self-test kits can be found under ‘self-test kits’ in the FAQ section.
  • Have you not yet been vaccinated against the coronavirus? If so, we encourage you to get vaccinated. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that at several locations of the GGD it is possible to get vaccinated without an appointment. For more information, go to vaccinations without appointment.

FAQ on coronavirus on campus  


  • The government has announced that as of September 25, we will be allowed to provide education without the one-half meter rule and that the maximum group size of 75 people will be dropped.

  • Teaching in the first block will remain unchanged, with the option to have an online lecture on campus upon request. The second block is scheduled entirely on campus with room for blended learning.

  • As a university, we want to move toward blended learning. This means that for each part of the program, we will look at which form of education fits best and whether this form of education will be offered online or physically.

  • All supervised exams will take place on campus.

Student exchanges

The pandemic continues to affect students' plans to go abroad on exchange or to come to Tilburg for an exchange. Exchanges in the academic year 2021-2022 are therefore only possible in line with the development of the pandemic and the national guidelines and those of Tilburg University and partner universities.

Please find an overview of current spring 2021 exchange policy, fall 2021 exchange policy and answers to related questions in the FAQ section on exchanges.

FAQ section on exchanges

Working on campus

As of September 25, the home working advice has been relaxed to 'work at home when possible, work in the office when necessary'.

  • For working at Tilburg University this means that we will switch from the home working advice to hybrid working.
  • In the coming months we will be working on organizing the facilities, the occupational health and safety guidelines and the ICT infrastructure for hybrid meetings. 
  • We realize that there are many things to consider when implementing hybrid working. Not all employees and students who come to campus to provide or follow education or other work activities will feel completely comfortable and safe. The basic principle here is: we take each other into account and give each other space, even if colleagues want to keep a distance of 1.5 meters or wear a mouth mask.

FAQ on coronavirus for staff 


  • As of Monday, September 25, more physical events can again take place on campus because the one and a half meter is abolished as an obligation throughout society and the maximum group size no longer applies at the university.

  • We choose to apply the CoronaCheck app for all events with external guests, PhD defenses, inaugural addresses, recruitment events, open days, graduation ceremonies, and gatherings of a social nature/beverages where external guests are invited. For this type of gathering, we follow the same line as the hospitality industry applies to events in the public sphere.

  • Meetings will be kept free of student and staff walk-throughs as much as possible. It is therefore still important that events are reported to CES so that they can coordinate matters with the organizers.

FAQ on coronavirus and events

Contact details 

If the answer to your question is not listed in the Q&A, you can contact us in the following ways:


Take care and look out for each other

The current corona situation demands a lot from us.
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