Tilburg University & corona

Published: 25th February 2020 Last updated: 21st October 2022

Tilburg University is fully open again. Teaching and events for large groups are possible again. The advice to work at the office for up to half of the working time has been dropped. This puts us in a transition situation to a hybrid work situation. On this page you will find some basic guidelines regarding COVID-19.

For questions about specific topics, please visit the regular Tilburg University web pages (e.g. education, working on campus, campus life). Below we list the most important pages.

We keep a close eye on the situation regarding COVID-19. If there are any new developments, this page will be updated.

Update October 21

Free coronavirus tests are available for Tilburg University students. You can find them at the Post office in Koopmans building and the desk in Academia building.

Update July 27, 11:00 hrs

We are entering a new academic year. An academic year, in which the basic principle will be that education and exams will take place on our campus where we meet each other in person. In our opinion, physical proximity among the university community, student participation and interaction are important components of academic education. Therefore, we expect our students to attend on-campus educational activities.

In addition to on-campus educational activities, there will be an increase in the use of online forms of education. Because the experiences with online education have taught us a lot, we are in fact moving towards a situation of blended learning. This means that for each part of the program we will look at which form of education fits best and aim for a good blend of on-campus education and online teaching formats. It depends on the program if, and to what extent, online teaching formats will be used. What this means for the way in which your courses will be taught, will be communicated via our digital learning environment Canvas.


Exceptions apply for students of the programs LLB Global Law, LLM Law and Technology, LLM International Business Law and LLM International Business Taxation. Students starting one of these study programs in September 2022 will be able to opt for either on campus or online education for the academic year 2022/2023. If you have applied for one of these study programs you will receive more information about the online and on-campus option after you have been (conditionally) admitted. 

Update March 16, 10:00 hrs

It is with great joy that we have learned that the government has decided to further relax the corona measures. Everyone is welcome back on campus throughout the week from now on. A number of basic measures still apply. This website will be updated according to the new situation later this week. 

We are more resistant to the virus, but the coronavirus is still among us.  We will off course continue to monitor developments. If the circumstances change, further information will follow via this website and the other usual channels.

We ask everyone to continue to be considerate of each other in the coming period. We understand that the situation can still cause concern. After two years of restrictions, not everyone may feel comfortable with close contact or in crowded spaces, or there may be people who are still worried about their health. Give each other as much time and space as possible to adjust to the new situation. 

This page contains all important information about campus, education andworking on campus.

Together we ensure a safe working and learning environment.

  • Wash your hands often and well.
  • Stay at home if you have symptoms and do a self-test.


Opening hours buildings

Although COVID-19 measures have been scaled back, the following basic rules remain in place:

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
  • Stay home with symptoms and do a self-test. 
  • Ventilate in indoor areas and provide fresh air.
  • Get your vaccination, booster shot or repeat shot. This can be done at certain locations without an appointment

More information on the COVID-19 policy, testing, vaccination, quarantine, etc., can be found on the Dutch government website.


We are thrilled that we will be able to receive our students on our campus again. Teaching is scheduled on campus. In our opinion, physical proximity among the university community is an important part of academic education. Therefore, we expect our students to attend on-campus educational activities. This also applies to students who have previously studied from abroad.

FAQ on education

Working on campus

  • Please note the changed quarantine rules should you have been in contact with an infected person and need to be on campus. See the national government website for this.

  • In the coming months we will be working on organizing the facilities, the occupational health and safety guidelines and the ICT infrastructure for hybrid working. We realize that there are many things to consider when implementing hybrid working. Not all employees and students who come to campus to provide or follow education or other work activities will feel completely comfortable and safe. The basic principle here is: we take each other into account and give each other space.

FAQ on coronavirus for staff 

Contact details 

If the answer to your question is not listed in the Q&A, you can contact us in the following ways:

  • Do you have a general question about COVID-19? Then you can call the RIVM information line. Its phone number is: +31 (0)800 - 1351
  • If your question concerns Tilburg University and is related to COVID-19, you can reach us by phone on weekdays between 10:00 - 15:30 hrs on +31 (0)13 - 466 8000 (Student Desk).