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Festive opening photo exhibition The Mix Netherlands ‘Earth' 

Published: 05th September 2023 Last updated: 06th September 2023

The photo exhibition The Mix Netherlands ‘Earth'  was festively opened on September 1. You are invited to admire the work of photographers Wiesje Peels and Martien Coppens shown in this exhibition. The works of art can be found on the Esplanade, in Cobbenhagen building and in front of the train station in the city center until October 31. 

Tentoonstelling de Mix Nederland Aarde
Tentoonstelling de Mix Nederland Aarde binnen

Our campus is a vibrant and green environment. In order to collaborate effectively and recognize each other’s talents, meeting each other and finding a connection is essential. Tilburg University aims to strengthen this connection with each other and the environment. Cultural events like this exhibition contribute to this goal. We feel a special responsibility for art, culture and stimulating broad education.  

Suprising journey of discovery through Brabant then and now  

The exciting, stimulating and sometimes endearing combinations of both photographers results in a surprising journey of discovery through Brabant, then and now. The Mix Netherlands ‘Earth'  is the eighth and North Brabant edition of the series of twelve exhibitions of The Mix Netherlands throughout the country, an initiative of Stichting Beeldmix with the Brabant-Collectie, Tilburg University, NS and ProRail.


“I am very proud that the exhibition by Wiesje Peels and Martien Coppens is shown at Tilburg station. It’s a pleasant surprise for travelers and we hope the exhibition at the station will bring them to Tilburg University to see the rest of it”, Magdalena Piotrowska, NS Regional Director South.  

Tentoonstelling de Mix Nederland Aarde

“The exhibition The Mix Netherlands ‘Earth' connects art, Brabant’s heritage and science, and it builds on the bridge between Tilburg city, the railways and the university. It links the past to the present and creates a place to meet and engage: a mix of images that becomes an inspiration for new generations itself,” Pia van Kroonenburgh, Librarian Brabant Collection/Tilburg University.   


For more information on the exhibition have a look at the event page