Schuilhut op de Peel, 1945. Martien Coppens. © Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam | Brabant-Collectie, Tilburg University

Photo exhibition The Mix Netherlands 'Earth'

Date: Time: 08:00 Location: Cobbenhagen gebouw

Martien Coppens (1908-1986) & Wiesje Peels (1975)

The exciting, stimulating and sometimes endearing combinations of both photographers result in a surprising journey of discovery through Brabant of the past and present. This special duo exhibition is free to visit until October 31, 2023 in front of Tilburg station, along Esplanade and in Cobbenhagen building. The indoor exhibition in Cobbenhagen building (only open on weekdays) is prolonged until 4 January 2024.

Wiesje Peels built her DOKAR in response to Martien Coppens' historical work. A mobile darkroom cart behind her bicycle. As an ode to Martien Coppens and analog work. 'Driven' by the work of Martien Coppens, she cycled with her DOKAR from Breda to De Peel and on her way through Brabant photographed landscapes and its inhabitants. On the spot she developed her films and made prints. Author Wilfried de Jong is writing the exhibition text.

De Mix Nederland 'Earth' is the North Brabant and eighth edition in the series of twelve exhibitions of De Mix Nederland, an initiative of Stichting Beeldmix together with the Brabant Collection, Tilburg University, NS and ProRail. The Mix Netherlands is supported by the Mondriaan Fund and Prince Bernhard Culture Fund. Each edition uses historical photography as a source of inspiration for contemporary Dutch photographers.

"I am very proud that the photo exhibition with work by Wiesje Peels and Martien Coppens is on display at Tilburg Station. It is a pleasant surprise for travelers and we hope that the exhibition at the station will also bring them to Tilburg University to see the other part," Magdalena Piotrowska, NS Regional Director South.

"Standing on the shoulders of our predecessors, looking to the present to capture them for the future," Pia van Kroonenburgh, Brabant Collection Librarian / Tilburg University.

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Press articles (in Dutch) appeared in Focus, BN De Stem, Eindhovens and Brabants Dagblad, De Gelderlander, Stadsnieuws Tilburg, p. 16 and online at Brabant-Cultureel,, Deurne Media Groep, News Tilburg University, Erfgoed Tilburg and Make it in Tilburg. Univers published a report on film and an article in the Speaking Past series. Brabant Cultureel posted a second article with the nice words: "The Mix Netherlands 'Earth' is one of those exhibitions you don't easily run out of. Not least because it is fascinating to see how Wiesje Peels reacts intuitively or associatively to Coppens' work."

More about the exhibition (in Dutch) in the press release on Blogger.