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Use your own cup and get a 10 cent reduction on your coffee

Published: 16th March 2023 Last updated: 24th March 2023

From March 20, you will get a 10 cent reduction on your coffee from the coffee machines on the Tilburg University campus. We do so to encourage everyone to bring their own cup rather than using a disposable cup. Together we contribute to sustainability.

To encourage everyone to bring their own cup and because of rising purchase prices, the cost of a disposable cup will be increased from 5 to 10 cents. This means that, from March 20, if you place your own cup in the coffee machine, the price on the display will automatically be reduced by 10 cents. You can buy a reusable Billie Cup from Cirfood at its outlets in CUBE, Montesquieu, the Restaurant, and the lunch room in Cobbenhagen when you buy a drink.

New legislation

On July 1, new legislation (in Dutch) will come into effect, prohibiting free disposable plastic cups and single-use food packaging for to-go food and drinks (takeout and delivery). On January 1, 2024, this will also apply for food and drinks consumed on-site (office, restaurant, etc.). The Cabinet has set a guideline price of 25 cents per disposable cup. At the moment, it is unclear what our providers on campus will be charging. In the run-up to these new regulations and from a sustainability point of view, we are already encouraging our campus community to bring their own cup.