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Sinan Çankaya wins E. du Perron Prize 2020/2021 with: Mijn ontelbare identiteiten

Published: 10th May 2022 Last updated: 10th May 2022

The E. du Perron Prize, an initiative of the Municipality of Tilburg and Tilburg University, will be awarded to Sinan Çankaya for his book Mijn ontelbare identiteiten (My countless identities) on May 19. According to the jury, the work with its view of the Netherlands and his youth 'is a mirror to the reader and invites self-reflection. The book is critical and captivating because it does not lack humor and lightness', The prize is intended for writers, artists or public intellectuals who, like Du Perron in his day, identify and break down barriers to stimulate mutual understanding between different population groups. The prize, which is awarded every two years, consists of a cash sum of €10,000 and a textile object.

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( photo credits to Marijn Smulders)