Kick-off of the TAISIG Talks

TAISIG: new initiative that brings together all of Tilburg University's AI activities

Published: 25th January 2021 Last updated: 04th July 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a prominent role in today's digital society. It is therefore not surprising that AI is taking an increasingly important place in both academic research and education. At Tilburg University, a wide variety of scientists from all schools is involved in AI. In order to map and provide insight into what we do and what we are good at, TAISIG (Tilburg University AI Special Interest Group) was established.

The TAISIG Talks take place on a monthly basis and feature a series of short online presentations on a broad variety of topics related to recent developments and achievements of Tilburg University in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

TAISIG aims to combine, coordinate, and strengthen AI activities at the university and to emerge recognizably as a key player in the regional and national AI domain. In addition, it aims to facilitate and accelerate the development of new research proposals and grant applications. TAISIG is divided into three clusters

  • AI algorithms and methods
  • AI applications and concepts
  • Ethical, Legal, and Societal Aspects of AI (ELSA).

In doing so, it covers the full chain of AI method development, application of AI methods in practice, and examination of conditions regarding AI applications such as ethics and legislation.

According to one of the founders of TAISIG, prof. dr. Emile Aarts, Tiburg University is characterized by its holistic approach: “A strategy of AI for humans and humans for AI, a holistic approach. We propagate it in our education, we explore it in our scientific research, and we work together on making an impact with various social partners in MindLabs, JADS, and the DAF Technology Lab."

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