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Labor market transition: towards more value and more work

Published: 01st July 2021 Last updated: 01st July 2021

The Netherlands has an inclusion deficit - or rather a surplus of untapped talent. Some 1 to 2 million people want to and can work in some way, but do not manage to get sustainable and paid work. The Dutch Participation Act is not leading to improvement. Therefore, a labor market transition must be initiated, which requires four systemic steps: (1) the broad value of work and participation in work must become the starting point, (2) the social benefits of work must be made more transparent, (3) the labor market must be given multiple channels to meaningful work, and (4) the human dimension and acknowledgment of talent are crucial. In addition, the rules of the labor market must be adjusted.

These are the conclusions of the white paper "The labour market transition: towards more value and more work" (De arbeidsmarkttransitie: naar meer waarde en meer werk), written by Tilburg University Professor of Labour Market Ton Wilthagen and social and organizational psychologist Marieke Stolp. The paper stems from a Fellowship Wilthagen previously obtained from the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies (NIAS) and the Netherlands Foundation for Psychotechnology (NSvP).

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