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Symposium: Polarisation

Date: Time: 19:15 Location: DZ 01

On February 19, Study Association Complex will organize a symposium on the topic Polarisation. Due to polarisation people in our society tend to have more contradictory opinions and seem to have extremer and less reconcilable beliefs. One could argue that this happens since time immemorial, but some say that the ‘us against them thinking’ has drastically increased last years. ‘Fake news’ and ‘framing’ on social media and the biased news items seem to play an important role in this.

Also, the social pressure to be opinionated is rising and we are not allowed to lack a distinct view on a topic anymore. Lastly, we continuously motivate each other to be ‘woke’: very conscious and aware of the social issues in society.

How did this arise? And what are the consequences of polarisation? Are we really more polarised than before, or does it just seem that way? 
If you want to learn more about Polarisation, you are welcome at our symposium to listen to our three speakers!

The symposium will start at 19:15 in DZ001. The doors will open at 19:00 and entrance is FREE!

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