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Language and language proficiency in the curriculum

For a student, it is very important to convey knowledge and ideas well, in both an academic and a professional context. That is why the Language Center supports the students regarding language and communication skills within the curriculum. We can provide the entire academic skills learning pathway within an educational program or parts thereof in the form of online or face-to-face training programs and courses.

A course can focus exclusively on language proficiency, but the Language Center usually trains students in academic language skills. This includes not only elements such as academic writing, structuring and arguing, the processing of sources, or the presentation of academic work but also cultural or subject-specific elements. Courses are preferably integrated into content courses, so that students practice their language skills in the context of their field of study. Read more about our educational vision and approach.

Some examples of language training within the curriculum:

  • writing and presentation skills (both academic Dutch and English) within the TiSEM Bachelor’s programs. This is done through a number of interactive lessons in writing skills, an online presentation module in Canvas, and presentation training. These are part of a 6 ECTS Academic Skills course;
  • a course Dutch I for TIAS (2 ECTS) for full-time MBA students;
  • a training program in intercultural communication within the TiSEM Bachelor’s program;
  • the English Linguistic and Argumentation Skills courses in year 1 and 2 of the Global Law program, integrated into two different content courses (12 ECTS in combination with the courses);
  • English writing and presentation coaching within the TSB Research Master’s (3 ECTS).

Would you like to talk about a course within the curriculum?

Feel free to make an appointment with one of our coordinators to discuss the possibilities of integrating language skills into the curriculum.

Coordinator DutchLisa Duenk
Coordinator EnglishLinda Mous
Coordinator Foreign Languages and Intercultural CommunicationCristina Irún